Odense Escape Game

How many persons can play each game?

The Virus Room can accommodate 2-4 persons - ideal team-size is 3-4 persons. The Spy Room is bigger and can host 6 persons - ideal team-size being 4-5 persons. The ideal team-sizes are based on the complexity of the game so as to provide entertainment to all participants.

Are the prices per room or per player?

All our prices are per room - no matter if you are two or more players.

Who can play?

We estimate that persons of age of 12 or more can contribute to solving the riddles when accompanied by an adult. However, there is no firm limit on age as long as parents/adults are playing along with the children. Youngsters from the age of 16 can play on their own. A game-master will monitor the game and help can be obtained at any time.

Can users of wheelchairs play?

Yes, but space is limited, so we recommend only one user of a wheelchair in each game. The Spy Room is biggest and most suited. The lift is small (85cm times 103 cm) and the door for the restroom too narrow for a wheelchair. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

How long does a game last?

Altogether 90 minutes. Introduction of 15 minutes; then 60 minutes for the game and finally a 'debriefing' of 15 minutes.

What if I am claustrofobic?

You can leave the room at any time, and the game-master will monitor you and can be contacted at any time as well. The rooms are regular sized 'office'-rooms.

Are the rooms monitored?

Yes, each room is equipped with a camera and is being monitored by the game-master. The monitoring is carried out in order to be able to help you in the game and ensure that everything is progressing well. The monitoring is strictly online and no recording is being made or saved.

What happens if we cannot finish the game in 60 minutes?

The game finishes after 60 minutes and the door will open no matter whether you completed or not.

Is alcohol allowed?

We do not allow alcohol in the rooms and we refer us the right to refuse customers. The game requires your full attention and abilities. However, the game is still a perfect start for a stags/hen night, and we certainly appreciate happy and friendly players.

Where is Escape Game Odense?

We are situated at Gråbrødre Plads 4, 4th floor. There is a small (0.85 by 1.03 meters) elevator that can carry three people at a time - or you can use the stairs. Due to the size of the elevator, some users of a wheelchair cannot enter.

Where to park the car?

There are several parkingspaces close by. Note that a parking-fee applies in 'office-hours'.

How do we enter if the front door is locked?

The main door is normally locked from 19.15 during working days and all day during weekends. The game-master will open at your booked time. If you arrive a bit early call the game-master: +45 3011 5394.

Is booking required?

Yes, you need a confirmed booking in order to play.

I am pregnant - can I still play?

There are no health risks in the game, and the game does dot contain sudden surprises or fear-provoking elements. We designed the game to be a fun challenge for everybody, and we are sure you will enjoy the game.