Escape Game Odense

About the games

Escape Game Odense offers an exciting and entertaining activity for family, friends or colleagues. In groups of 2-6 persons you are placed in a room from which you have to escape within 60 minutes. In order to make the escape you need to solve riddles, find hidden objects, keys or other items, which can help you solve the game. You will be monitored by a game master able to offer help if needed and desired. Emphasis is on creativity, sense of logic and corporation. We designed the games for you to be challenged, but at the same time have a fun experience. There are no elements of horror or violence in the game, and everybody above the age of 12 can participate.

The games are for 2-6 persons, and no knowledge of Danish is required.

We have two rooms

Read more about the two rooms by clicking on the menu.

You need to book in advance to play. Please be present at the time booked. We will spend 15 minutes on an introduction and another 15 minutes on a ‘debriefing’ after the game. The total time then amounts to about 90 minutes.

The games are very well suited for teambuilding (both privately of professionally) – for the start of a stags/hen night – or if you just would like a fun and different experience, where you are challenged and entertained at the same time. No alcohol allowed during the games and we refer us the right to refuse customers.