Escape Game Odense

H.C. Andersen Room

In the H.C. Andersen room you are searching for a hidden fairytale written by the famous Danish writer. The fairytale has been stolen by an unfriendly old archivist and hidden somewhere in the room. The archivist is out for lunch and you have exactly one hour to break the elaborate systems of codes and locks to escape with the fairytale before he gets back. The room is inspired by H.C. Andersen's life and fairytales, but the game can be played by anyone, and no prior knowledge of H.C. Andersen or his fairytales is needed.

The H.C. Andersens room can accomodate up to six players, but the ideal team-size is 4-5 persons. You will be monitored by a game-master who will follow your progress and offer help if it is needed and desired.

The HC Andersen Room: